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Image by Clyde Thomas

DOWNHOLE VIDEO AND INTERVENTION (DHVI) is a technology focused company operated by the original Downhole Video pioneers who recognized the need for a customer focused Intervention service provider in the Global Oil and Gas Sector.  DHVI has the most experienced team in the camera business with more than 80 years of Downhole Video Camera and Logging experience.  We work to consistently get you downhole images and cost effective results.  Our ingenuity and customer service drives us to provide the most reliable solutions to positively diagnose your wellbore issues. 


DHVI deploys downhole video camera services, PLT and multi-finger caliper inspection services for:

  • Leak detection

  • REAL-TIME fishing assistance

  • Production inflow surveys

  • Mechanical failure diagnosis

  • Multi-Finger Caliper Inspections

Our downhole tools are engineered to be deployed in Horizontal or Vertical wells on Coiled Tubing (Conventional and E-Coil), all Tractors, Wireline and Slickline in Surface Read Out (SRO) or memory modes.

We Live Stream all data from your work site to any device in the world so individuals or your team can make cost effective real-time decisions on all your wellbore remediation needs!

Why choose us?

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