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Caliper Camera Combo (C3) tool

DHVI’s Caliper Camera Combo (C3) tool, enables us to provide the most innovative, industry leading, Qualitative and Quantitative analysis for wellbore inspections. The modular design of the C3 allows the operator to select from a 24 or 40 arm Caliper Temperature, Gamma Ray, CCL sensors to run in combination with the Capture HD camera for any wellbore parameter. The camera is logged on the way in and the caliper and sensors are activated to log on the way out of the wellbore, minimizing the logging time and deployment costs. 

The C3 is the ideal tool to log wellbores on coil tubing, tractors and pump-down applications. Innovation is key and C3 has many:

  • True HD colour video up to 30 frames per second

  • The shortest offset between the downview and sideview cameras in the industry. Ideal for viewing sideview video of obstructions and for critical fishing operations

  • Innovative bi-directional motor design eliminates rotational motor failures and allows the operator to pinpoint issues within the wellbore reducing time by always keeping the area of interest in sight

  • A newly designed shortened caliper with 350F/177C temperature capability

  • The ability to add multiple logging sensors as required

  • Live data transmission of the HD Video and 3D Caliper Data from the wellsite to anywhere in the world!


  • Mechanical & corrosion inspections in casing or tubulars

  • Leak detection & production / fluid entry surveys

  • Pre & post perforation analytics

  • Investigate and identify anomalies in a port system


Diameter: 43mm / 1 11/16

Length 8.58m / 338in

Pressure Rating: 1034bar / 15,000psi

Measurement Accuracy: -0.5mm / 0.02in

Measurement Resolution: 0.1mm / 0.0039in

Caliper Measurement: 45-245mm / 1.77-9.625in

Typical Logging Speed: 9.14m/min / 30ft/min

Vertical Resolution 3.05mm 0/12in

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