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Capture™ Live HD combines DHVI’s electric line HD colour camera with the industry leading 24 arm multi finger caliper and production logging sensors.


This tried and tested wellbore solution offers a comprehensive qualitative and quantitative analysis of any wellbore condition.  The modular tool design allows the customer to select the sensors required for the wellbore objective.

  • Hi Definition Colour Video streamed to surface up to 30 frames per second.

  • Full Time HD On board record, even when wireline resistance is too high to stream.

  • The shortest offset between the downview and sideview cameras in the industry. Ideal for viewing sideview video of obstructions and for critical fishing operations.

  • Innovative bi-directional motor design eliminates rotational motor failures and allows the operator to pinpoint issues within the wellbore reducing time by always keeping the area of interest in sight.

  • New high temperature LED technology with innovative light diffusion, providing 4 times the intensity of other technologies.

  • Live data transmission of the HD Video to anywhere in the world.



  • Mechanical & Corrosion Inspections in Tubulars

  • Leak Detection & Fluid Entry Surveys

  • Inspection of Sand Screens & Slotted Liners

  • Pre & Post Perforation Analytics

  • Gas Lift & SSSV Operational Inspection

  • REAL-TIME FISHING Assistance

  • Horizontal Production / Fluid Hold Up Analysis


  • ​Diameter: 43mm / 1 11/16''

  • Length: 3.3m / 10.8ft

  • Pressure Rating: 1034bar / 15,000psi

  • Max Temp: 125 Celsius / 257 Fahrenheit

  • Camera Type: HD Side & Down View

  • Connection GO Connector

  • NACE Rated material construction

Live dimensioning on E-Line

The below video, shot in our test well facility, demonstrates our live "on the fly" downhole measuring technology, enabling the customer to accurately measure perfs, fractures, fishes etc.

HD Colour Camera Services

VTVCAMDV-001 ART for Datasheet Feb2018.p
Downhole camera tool - Capture live logo
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