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Multi-Finger Caliper Services

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Providing quantitative physical inspection of the well completion in real time or memory mode acquiring accurate high resolution data for:

  • Pipe deformation

  • Well integrity

  • Corrosion or scale build-up

  • Casing anomalies

  • Board required casing inspection profiles. 

  • Leak detection surveys


DHVI deploys 24, 40 and 56 finger calipers, PLT sensors and when integrated with our real-time video data provides a full feature well diagnosis with quantitative and qualitative results.


  • Mechanical Inspections such as parted tubing/ corrosion/ obstructions/ restrictions

  • Leak detection identification

  • Identify open/closed Stage tools or Ports

  • Identify premature casing wear due to wellbore trajectory

  • Gas migration

  • Board required 30 day drill wear inspections

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