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​​​​​​​DHVI is proud to supply the Global Oil & Gas sector with its market leading downhole cameras and caliper inspection services for leak detection, fishing assistance, fluid entry surveys and mechanical failures.  The most experienced team in the business consistently achieving downhole video images and cost effective results.


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Capture HD Live Downhole Camera
HD Colour
Camera Services

The Capture™ HD Live camera is an industry leading minimal offset downview/sideview HPHT  downhole camera system, combined with a robust bi-directional ruggedised motor allowing deployment in the most hostile of environments.

Caliper &
Camera Combo

The Capture™ C3, caliper & camera downhole tool, allows us to provide the most innovative, industry leading, qualitative and quantitative analysis for wellbore inspections.

Slickline Memory Camera System

Capture™ Memory combines the proven Capture™ HD Live technology of the Electric Line downhole camera system with our on board slickline memory technology, resulting in the clearest, most vivid colours and video definition possible.

Multi-Finger Caliper Services

DHVI deploys 24, 40 and 56 finger calipers, PLT sensors and when  integrated with our real-time video data provides a full feature well diagnosis.

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The experienced downhole video pioneers behind DHVI!  We’re easy to do business with and driven to maximise customer satisfaction.

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